These are stories in progress and ideas that I am presently working on. I may be unsure of the actual direction of the story as I feel my way into the idea. It’s just intended as a sketch pad for me to refer to every now and then.

The Lea Bridge Road (A104) extends from the Whipps Cross roundabout in Waltham Forest down to the Lea Bridge roundabout in Clapton, Hackney, London. It crosses over the River Lea which was first bridged in 1745. Today a journey down the Lea Bridge Road offers a visual wealth of diverse culture, food, social change, industry, commerce, migration, fashion and leisure. It also offers 20mph speed limits, traffic jams, bus and cycle lanes, parking restrictions and dozens of cameras to enforce all of these. I am using black and white film in a vintage Rolleiflex to shoot this project as I have found that people are attracted to this camera and often approach me to ask me what I am doing. They are more intrigued than threatened by my presence as a photographer. Click on the picture above for more images from the project.

As part of the Lea Bridge Road project I try to give everyone I photograph a print of the black and white picture and then photograph them with it in colour. If nothing else happens to the whole project at least each person has a print and I get to see their smiles.

I am working on a joint project with long term friend George Norris. I photographed George in Hull in 1983 when he was following in his father’s footsteps as a Rag and Bone man. Fast forward 40 years and George is a passionate and terrific photographer documenting his community in Hull. The plan is to use our 40-year relationship to combine my pictures from the 1980’s with his new pictures in Hull and exhibit them on hoardings and empty shops in the centre of town. For this we are seeking permission from the City Council and funding from local sponsors. What is a good start is that Paul Heaton, from the band The Housemartins, has allowed us to their song ‘Think for a Minute’ as a sound track to the pitch. Above is a mock-up of what we hope part of it will look like.

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